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Mischievous Spotted Brothers

ABQ BioPark - Albuquerque, NM

Wave your paws at brothers Kiran and Kalmali, born on July 21 and just this fall starting to venture out into their public exhibit. Zoo staff say that despite these guys being shy, they're having no shortage of fun when nobody's looking. According to Mammal Supervisor Shelly Dicks, "... when we arrive in the morning, it's clear they've been having a grand old time. They've torn up the enrichment and made a mess of the exhibit!"

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Give Back to the Animals You Love

By Leah Lerner & Gregg Rosenzweig

Cuddly animals are a universal language. But zoos are for more than cooing over fuzzy-wuzzies. They rescue injured animals, educate the public and help preserve endangered species.

How Can You Help?

Donate to your favorite species or zoo. Volunteer to be a docent. "Adopt" an animal, name it, or even donate your car for a tax deduction. Every little bit can add up to massive movements that could literally save a species from extinction. Some of the biggest zoo fundraisers and cool programs:

Houston Zoo Ball: Friday, April 20, 2012 » This year's "Viva! Zoo Vegas!" stars showgirls, gaming and even a Flamingo Nightclub that may just have a flamingo at it.

Zoo Atlanta Beastly Feast: Saturday May, 5, 2012 » Help keep their track record of raising $1 million for 15 years running.

Kansas City Zoo's JAZZOO: Friday, June 1, 2012 » The zoo's largest fundraiser designed to feed more than 1,000 hungry animals and a cash-starved zoo.

San Diego Zoo Wish List » Purchase much-needed items from $5-5,000. 95% goes directly to the item.

Shedd Aquarium Matching Program » Maximize your impact with a double or triple donation match.

Zoo Atlanta Bamboo Donation » Help the zoo feed their giant pandas' 220-pound-a-day habit.

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