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Cute as a Benjamin Button

Safari West - Santa Rosa, CA

Few babies are born looking like old men, but this colobus monkey at Safari West greeted our planet with a gray hair, wise eyes and a face weathered by experience. Like all colobus monkeys, this senior-esque simian and daughter of Jabula and Sukari has made do without her opposable thumb, a genetically inconvenient feature that precludes her from thumbing through a good novel. This hasn't hindered her jumping ability, however, which like most colobus monkeys, is impressive. To see more pics of this infant retiree, visit The Press Democrat.

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Give Back to the Animals You Love

  • By Leah Lerner & Gregg Rosenzweig

    Cuddly animals are a universal language. But zoos are for more than cooing over fuzzy-wuzzies. They rescue injured animals, educate the public and help preserve endangered species.

    How Can You Help?

    Donate to your favorite species or zoo. Volunteer to be a docent. "Adopt" an animal, name it, or even donate your car for a tax deduction. Every little bit can add up to massive movements that could literally save a species from extinction. Some of the biggest zoo fundraisers and cool programs:

    Houston Zoo Ball»
    This year's "Viva! Zoo Vegas!" stars showgirls, gaming and even a Flamingo Nightclub that may just have a flamingo at it. Friday, April 20, 2012.

    Zoo Atlanta Beastly Feast »
    Help keep their track record of raising $1 million for 15 years running. Saturday, May, 5, 2012.

    Kansas City Zoo's JAZZOO »
    The zoo's largest fundraiser designed to feed more than 1,000 hungry animals and a cash-starved zoo. Friday, June 1, 2012.

    San Diego Zoo Wish List »
    Purchase much-needed items from $5-5,000. 95% goes directly to the item.

    Shedd Aquarium Matching Program »
    Maximize your impact with a double or triple donation match.

    Zoo Atlanta Bamboo Donation »
    Help the zoo feed their giant pandas' 220-pound-a-day habit.

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