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Albeheary & Associates DR
cognitionfreak rated
She is right for me!

I entered to her office 5 minutes later my appointment time - but she was looking at my case for 10 minutes before I even saw her. And she probably googled me, she knew much more than I told her :-). She was nice, concerned and very knowledgeable. I do not believe that she could be rude (taken from other reviews)...or at least how I understand the word "rude". Yes, she could be hot, but this is her personality type, so if you prefer shy and apologetic docs - she is not your doc. I can say for sure - she is not cold and distant. She is a deep thinker type doc - she reminds me a psychiatrist from the Sopranos :-). She could be the person closest to truly understanding you as an individual. She is type of psych shown in movies…. It’s a pity that somebody posted her 20-year-old photo here – now she looks completely different – like a dedicated doctor soul with an air of credibility about her…. strengthened with slight accent which is unnoticeable and charming when she is peaceful, but when she gets emotional she sounds like German, coining “G” and “B”, rolling “R”. She spent with me 30-45 minutes and if I had questions she would stay longer. She's the one doctor that I don't feel like a time clock is ticking and that I must speak fast or my time will be up. At least it was not hurried atmosphere like I always had with my ex psych. And from my experience money is not an issue for her: she gave me a lot of samples and she said that later on, I will not need to see her every month, but once in a two-three months. My previous doc in NY wanted to “examine” me biweekly :-). The “examination” lasts for 2 minutes. It's time just enough to say him “Hi Doc”, to write him my prescription and to say him “Buy, Doc”! Though, he was knowledgeable - somehow he found 4 years ago that Alzh medication works for ADHD as well. It’s like figuring out that aspirin effective against enuresis :-). I was a bit surprised about previous comments concerning prescriptions… they contains some “red flag words” of bogus reviews… what’s the point of misleading junkies? ---- Brah, they've got to be baggin' you. A knockout kinda tough as$. More chances to you own d&&k than con her to give script. No author at all. ----- If you are about 25-30 until you prove otherwise, you will be treated like a drug seeker freak, but after thorough interview she will add you to the “safe” list and then she usually finds a way to help you get what you need. And my usual bitter end… Maybe, she says things whatever they are …or what you need to hear, in some cases it’s not what you WANT to hear. So some previous reviewers interpreted that as rude……m-m-m… I was in army… and if you people want rude try please a military doc. But everybody has its own boundaries, so if you are supersensitive and do not think that political correctness causes to lie silently - go elsewhere. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps to make an informative choice. P.S. Finally, I am able to concentrate!

Head & Neck Cosmetic Surgery
r127219 rated

Thyroid plays a very important roll in every single cell of the human body; thyroid dysfunction can trigger miscellaneous problems for every single tissue of the human body; particularly with women during different stages of their lives. Nonetheless, most people have seldom paid attention to their thyroid-related problems…Seventeen years ago, Elizabeth had weight gained, fatigue, and her memory had diminished. Simultaneously, she found a lump in front of her neck. Eventually, Elizabeth went to see Dr. Michael Friedman for the best treatment. Actually, thyroid is the one of the Dr. Friedman’s numerous specialties… Finally, on July 12, 1994 it was an early and beautiful Wednesday morning; Elizabeth underwent an effectiveness of the same day surgery. The thyroidectomy was successful; Dr. Friedman thoroughly and precisely removed Elizabeth’s benign thyroid tumor; along with partial of her thyroid; besides, Elizabeth’s natural voice was exactly the same as before. Meanwhile, Dr. Friedman evaluated Elizabeth’s literal dosage for her thyroid replacement pill; indeed, Elizabeth has been maintaining the same dosage for exactly seventeen years already. Although, Elizabeth had thyroid tumor before, Elizabeth now has endless of energy than ever. Furthermore, Elizabeth was really appreciative that her natural voice did not change after the surgery, because thyroid gland is surrounding by important nerves; especially with laryngeal nerves that has directly influenced the vocal cord. For many reasons, Elizabeth is the most fortunate person who had thyroidectomy. In fact, for more than 34 years people have been traveling around the world to seek for Dr. Friedman and to obtain their most advantageous treatment, as well as to search for the best solution and assessment for their most complicated Upper Airway problems, such as Head and Neck Cancer, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Sinusitis, and Tumors of the Thyroid, Throat, and Neck…

Head & Neck Cosmetic Surgery
th3073012312 rated
The Most Gifted General Surgeon

Dr. Michael Friedman has been our best doctor for many years already; really, Dr. Friedman has been the most accomplished, sophisticated, and outstanding Otorhinolaryngologist, Sleep Specialist, and General Surgeon in Chicagoland. Dr. Friedman has been curing innumerable patients and to treat our most complicated Head and Neck Obstructions for many years. For example, James had been suffering from the thunderous snoring and sleep apnea for many years; he was snoring very loud and shaking the whole house through the second floor, along the first floor, and all the way to the basement. He had multiple complications because of his snoring problem; for instance, he had often woken up in the morning with fatigue and restless feelings. Also, his memory had decreased because of his poor sleep quality. Moreover, his blood pressure had elevated. Eventually, James came to Dr. Friedman for the best treatment. In fact, Dr. Friedman thoroughly and precisely cured James’s snoring and sleep apnea with his cutting-edge techniques and medical innovations. James has fully recovered after acquiring the painless, rapid, and effective treatment. Hence James’s snoring has completely disappeared; his multiple complications have vanished as well. Therefore, his energy level is better than ever. Furthermore, the whole house is quiet and everyone can get a good night’s sleep in the house since then. Dr. Friedman helped James to have a fresh, better, and healthier life. Consequently, for more than 35 years, people have been traveling around the world to seek for Dr. Michael Friedman and to obtain their most advantageous treatment, as well as to search for the best assessment and solution for their most complicated Upper Airway Problems, such as Head and Neck Cancer, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Sinusitis, and Tumors of the Thyroid, Throat, and Neck.

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